UAV Technology Central & Eastern Europe Conference

A recent study conducted by Goldman Sachs forecast $100 billion market opportunity for UAV market between now and 2020.* Out of this, $70 billion is expected to end up in the military market as UAVS continue to be the platform of choice for defence forces optimising reconnaissance and surveillance capability across both land and sea.

As technology for UAV continues to improve and the gap between manned and unmanned flight widen, more and more nations are looking to integrate UAVs into their military forces. Due to its greater capability and efficiency in performing reconnaissance and surveillance tasks, emerging defence forces are actively investing and procuring UAVs to utilise during missions.

Programme leaders and procurement managers from nations such as Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Macedonia and Slovenia will gather at SMi’s UAV Technology Central & Eastern Europe conference this September to review insight about their plans on UAV capability developments.

The keynote address will be given by Chief of the Hellenic Army General Staff, Lieutenant General Alikiviadis Stefanis, who will provide an overview of the current capabilities, and current and future challenges of the Army. Lt. Stefanis will also talk about working with Allies to improve joint capabilities. This presentation about the “Direction of the Hellenic Army and How the Army is integrating UAV capabilities within the Land Forces” will cover how UAV improves operational and strategic decision marketing in terms of command and control.

The Ministry of Transport Czech Republic will be represented by Legal Officer, Department of Civil Aviation, Mr Tomas Pustina, who will discuss “The Czech Civil Aviation Department: Regulation of Unmanned-Aerial Vehicles in Czech Airspace.” Mr Pustina will give an overview of legal regulations governing UAV flight in Czech Airspace: safety, liability, insurance, and privacy. Other topics in the presentation include: the safety and legal challenges of operating UAV platforms in separated and/or shared airspace, boundaries between state/civil aircraft and civil/military rules, and existing and future co-operation between the Czech Civil Aviation Department and the Czech Armed Forces/Ministry of Transport.

Croatian Ministry of Defence‘s Lieutenant Colonel Hrvoje Tomsic of the Military Security Intelligence Agency will also present at the conference. This discussion about “The Ministry of Defence Steps Forward to Optimising the Use of UAV for Reconnaissance and Surveillance” will cover concepts of operation and technology for effectively collecting and sharing aerial intelligence, future requirements to greater support operations, considering systems such as micro UAV, and current and future challenges.

Other notable presenters include: Bundeswehr, Canadian Army, Czech Armed Forces, Czech University of Defence, Estonian MoD, Formion SA, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Latvian MoD, Lockheed Martin Canada CDL Systems, Macedonian Army, Ministry of Transport Czech Republic, NSPA, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, PA Consulting, Slovenian MoD, Swedish Defence University, US Army Europe and much more…

In addition, the conference also features an exclusive pre-conference workshop on “Proposal of UAS Training Programs for Territorial Defence Forces” hosted by Justyna Zdanowska, President, GEO-UAV taking place on the 26th September 2017.

The workshop provides an overview of activities concerning market development of emerging new types of trainings for UAS operators in Poland. It includes proposals, actions that have already been taken and tendencies related to both trainings and technology that might be possibly involved in the development of UAS trainings for units of Defence Forces.

Source: Press Release

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