Unmanned Boat to Carry UAS at China Tech Fair

Chinese unmanned boats will carry UAVs and underwater drones in rescue missions and anti-terrorism operations.

The 3rd China Military and Civilian Integration Expo will feature unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and driverless cars. Shenzhen Portability & Precision Technology Co. Ltd features surveillance and strike drone Qingzhun, and the CH series and YL series of military drones, Global Times reported Tuesday.

Yunzhou Tech Corporation is exhibiting its unmanned boat YZ-L30A, which has been used to survey hydrological information and map islands in the sea. It can also carry light weapons and unmanned aerial or underwater vehicles for military operations.

“Many southern Chinese provinces continue to suffer from floods, and unmanned boats can be used for such rescue missions,” said an employee of Yunzhou surnamed Liu.

“China is the biggest UAV producer and user, and China’s anti-UAV technology is more advanced,” said Wang Xinqun,President of Beijing YNRD Technology Co. Ltd.

He added that Iraq and Malaysia have ordered hundreds of UAV systems produced by YNRD, and anonymous North Korean officials also inquired about the products on Monday.

Source: Defense World

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