France Orders Thales Spyranger Mini UAV


French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA) has selected Thales’s latest-generation Spy’Ranger mini surveillance and reconnaissance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to equip the French forces.

Up to 70 mini-UAV reconnaissance systems (SMDR) will be made available from 2018. Each system consists of three mini-UAVs, a ground segment and the associated technical support, the company announced today. Starting in 2018, Thales will provide French forces up to 210 mini reconnaissance UAVs.

The Spy-Ranger is a mini surveillance and reconnaissance UAS designed to provide troops with tactical day/night observation capabilities at ranges of up to 30km or 2.5 hours. Missions include providing support to a combined arms tactical group manoeuvre or to an offensive reconnaissance mission; providing a cover mechanism, supporting the neutralisation of strong points and contributing to firing manoeuvres by providing a ‘remote airborne eye’ able to adjust shooting rounds on a target.

Each UAS reconnaissance system (SMDR) consists of three mini-UAS a ground segment and the associated technical support. Spy’Ranger is equipped with a gyrostabilized multi-sensor optronic payload to positively identify target zones or objects, and transmits high-definition image streams via a protected tactical data link at high speeds.

The system’s command and control software provides an easy to operate user interface; and the system can be carried in a backpack.

Jean-Pascal Arrou-Vignod, Thales VP in charge of optronics business, said: ‘Developed by Thales in cooperation with French SMEs Aviation Design and Merio in under 13 months, Spy’Ranger will offer French forces a number of innovations that provide real capability gains. Spy’Ranger will therefore markedly contribute to the gathering of frontline intelligence and to the protection of forces in operation.’

Source: Press Release


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