ALPA’s Flight Plan for Safe and Fair Skies

ALPAThe US Air Line Pilots Association’s (ALPA) white paper published last week, A Flight Plan for Safe and Fair Skies, looks at, among other issues, the safe integration of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) into the National Airspace System (NAS). 

ALPA is urging the industry not to put economics ahead of safety in a rush to add drones to theNAS. ALPA said, “No UAS should be allowed unrestricted access to conduct flight operations into the NAS unless it meets all of the high standards currently required for every other airspace user.”

ALPA wants drones to carry the same type of collision avoidance technology demanded of current commercial and general aviation aircraft. The pilot group also wants to be sure air traffic controllers can clearly identify airborne UAS on radar. The association also advocates a higher level of UAS pilot certification than the FAA is considering. “Pilots of UAS flown for compensation or hire in airspace mixed with commercial aircraft must hold a commercial pilot certificate to ensure they possess the appropriate skill and experience to ensure the safety of the NAS,” ALPA said. “UAS operation in the NAS must not introduce any hazard that would negatively impact the unparalleled safety record of U.S. aviation.”

Source: AIN Online

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