Fully Dynamic 3D Geospatial Restriction System for UAS


Seattle based Transtrex released the beta version of the first dynamic geospatial restriction system for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), at the NASA UTM Convention at Moffett Airfield, yesterday.

Transtrex provides a highly reliant and scalable system to ensure safe and compliant UAS operations in the airspace up to 500 feet. The system provides dynamic 3D map data, including man-made objects and operational restrictions like permanent or temporal no-fly zones, based on Transtrex’ dynamic 3DTMapsTM for UAS operations. It evaluates flight plans regarding compliance with physical, technical or operational restrictions and integrates easily with flight planning software. The initial implementation of the service is based on open source software MissionPlanner. The integration with other flight planning solutions will follow soon.

The cloud-based, secure APIs are providing continuously updated information on physical, technical and operational restrictions. They are available to in-flight as well as ground operations and enable real-time UAS navigation.

Transtrex enables aviation and local authorities to control and manage restrictions in the lower airspace in real time by using Transtrex Templates for UAS operations to quickly define and approve local, regional or national operations.

Transtrex founder Robert Cahn comments: “Transtrex helps manufacturers build safe UAS, it helps consumers and professional operators be compliant with restrictions and it enables authorities to make the airspace safe and productive. The Transtrex service is an important step towards the future of performance based navigation in the lower airspace.”

Initially, access to the system will be available to a select group of UAS manufacturers, operators, and aviation authorities in geographies in the United States, France, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

About Transtrex:

Transtrex was founded in 2014 by veteran researchers and developers in the geospatial, big data and connected vehicle industries to develop a dynamic 3D geospatial map for UAS. The team has extensive experience in software development and large scale operations. Transtrex is based in Seattle, WA. 

Source: Press Release

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