Delair-Tech Connects UAS to Telefonica 3G Network

delairtech DT18Delair-Tech, a French operator in the civil drone sector in BtoB, and Telefonica Business Solutions, a leading provider of a wide range of integrated communication solutions for the B2B market, have signed a unique partnership to connect DT18 and DT26X drones to a 3G network.

Thanks to strategic roaming agreements and Telefonica’s industry-leading Smart m2m solution, DelairTech will be able to offer its customers the ability to communicate with their drones regardless of distance and across several countries and territories. This opens up a wealth of new possibilities and perspectives for the use of mini drones in industry. For the first time a Telefonica 3G SIM card can be embedded into the drones and then delivered to Delair-Tech customers.

Thanks to their manoeuvrability, autonomy and the precision of their footages, the DT18 and DT26X drones created by Delair-Tech are perfectly adapted to the control and monitoring of any sites whether industrial or natural. From now on, the 3G connectivity will enable customers to lead operations in difficult terrains and situations, such as steep reliefs and mountainous areas, or over long distances to monitor infrastructure like pipelines or railways. With this enhanced and enlarged monitoring ability, the possibilities that this partnership enables really are endless.

This agreement reinforces Telefonica’s position as a provider of telecommunications services to multinationals in the French market where the telco has recently announced the creation of a joint commercial organization with Bouygues Telecom to generate new business sales both within France and internationally.

Global Solutions is the global entity of Telefonica Business Solutions. Inside Telefonica, Telefonica Global Solutions (TGS) manages entirely multinational company’s offers, wholesales and roaming. Telefonica Global Solutions provides integrated services, mobile, IT services to the world’s largest multinational companies. Besides Telefonica Global Solutionssupplies global telecommunication services to mobile and fixed operators, Internet Service Provider (ISP), and content providers. TGS develops an integrated and competitive portfolio of solutions for transporters and companies. These services include international voice telephony, IP, bandwidth, satellite solutions, mobility and global solutions in 170 countries, working in collaboration with 24 telecom operators in 45 countries. Telefonica Global Solution is a multicultural organization, with more than 1400 employees, working in more than 40 countries and speaking over 15 languages. In France, Telefonica is engaged with Bouygues Télécoms within Telefonica Global Solutions France.

Founded in 2011, Delair-Tech is the first civilian professional-grade drone actor in France, with €1.2 million turnover in 2014. The company offers its expertise -developing and designing drones system and data processing- to leading international organization and institutions as Total, EDF and SNCF in France or the European Union, Glencore, Bolloré Africa Logistics concerning the International stage. Their mission focuses primarily on survey, surveillance and industrial or natural sites security. Delair-Tech currently employs about 40 persons in Toulouse, Paris, Mexico and Kinshasa. Owned at 9.5% by Parrot, Delair-Tech concentrates on BtoB key accounts markets.

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