Messerschmitt Bf.109G-4

The development history of the Bf (Me) 109 goes back as far as 1934, when the Bavarian Aircraft Works (BFW) in Augsburg which became Messerschmitt AG in 1938 started development of a lightweight fighter plane for a competition held by the Reich Air Ministry (Reichsluftfahrtministerium).

Willy Messerschmitt designed the aircraft, which was provisionally given the designation Bf 109, using all of the experience and knowledge on aircraft construction that was available at that time.

The fighter was designed and built as a low-wing monoplane, an all-metal monocoque construction with retractable landing gear, a closed cockpit, automatic leading-edge slats, landing flaps and a variable-pitch propeller.
The prototype Bf (Me) 109 V 1 made its maiden flight on 28 May 1935. By 1937, a prototype had already become the first German landplane to break the world speed record, achieving a speed of 611 km/h. (380mph).

The Bf(Me)109 went into serial production for the German Luftwaffe in 1937, becoming its standard fighter. Numerous models were built to adapt the Bf(Me)109 to the changing requirements over time. In 1938, the E model of the DB 601 engine with an overall displacement of 30 l.
In 1939, the F model, the Bf(Me)109F, was made more aerodynamic. This was followed by the largest production run to date, of the Bf(Me)109G with the higher performance DB 605 engine, starting in late 1941. The last production version built in Germany was the Bf(Me)109K, production of which started in the autumn of 1944. By the end of World War II, about 34,000 Bf(Me)109′s had been built, the largest production run of any fighter aircraft ever built.

About 1,000 more were built with a number of different engines after 1945 abroad, for instance in the former CSSR and Spain up until the end of the 1950′s.
In Spain, some remained in service with Rolls-Royce Merlin 500/45 engines as late as 1965 under the designation HA 1112.

Bf(Me)109 D-FWME “Red Seven” was originally a Spanish production aircraft with the serial number 139 and was rebuilt into a G-4 version with a DB 605A engine.

D-FWME was built as HA 1112 M-1L in Spain with the serial number 139 and the registration number C.4K-75.

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