First Brazilian DroneShow


DroneShow 2015 will be held in São Paulo on 28-29 October. A cage for demonstrations will be available at the Trade Fair. Courses and seminars will disseminate the technology for professional uses.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are popularly known by the name “Drones”. The term was inferred due to the characteristic noise that is emitted by such equipment. “Swarms” of drones are invading the news around the world, with various applications that promise to impact people’s live on a daily basis.

DroneShow 2015: Brazilian Drones 1st Exhibition in OctoberIn 2015, Brazil will experience its first trade show dedicated especially for professional applications of this technology. Promoted by MundoGEO, DroneShow LatinAmerica 2015 will take place on 26th and 27th October at the Frei Caneca Convention Center, Sao Paulo.

“This event is being designed in close collaboration with the industry community. The key concept is to fulfill an educational character, emphasising the professional uses of this technology, so the event does not have, as a proposal, addressing the Drones for recreational purposes,” says Emerson Granemann, Director of MundoGEO and creator of DroneShow. “The focus of the contents of the courses and lectures is to clarify important points about the potential and limits of Drones, both multirotors and fixed wings. Definitely this will be a milestone for this market that is expanding in the world”, added the Director.

Apart from the fair exhibition, that will bring together Startups, manufacturers, distributors, service providers and hardware and software developers, DroneShow 2015 will provide training opportunities for all the stakeholders and users of the technology, in every skill level. The event will also feature seminars, courses and discussions led by experts, people and companies with scientific knowledge and successful experiences using Drones.

A few topics that will be discussed at DroneShow 2015: mapping, monitoring, security, meteorology, engineering, journalism, marketing, cinematography, infrastructure, mining, oil and gas, emergency services, agriculture, utilities and public services. These applications will be presented at the trade fair and also discussed regarding the technologies and possibilities.

DroneShow 2015 will also have a safe area for Drones flight. A structure similar to a cage will be available, so that the drones will be able to fly safely.

DroneShow Latin America is promoted by MundoGEO, a company founded in 1998, leader in communication for the geospatial industry in Latin America. MundoGEO is a connection platform for over 100.000 professionals with multiple channels, such as magazines, content web portal, webinars and social networks. Every year, MundoGEO offers the largest and most important conference and trade fair for the geospatial sector in LatinAmerica: MundoGEO#Connect.

All information on DroneShow will be available soon on the website of the event: To contribute and comment with DroneShow 2015, please send an e-mail to Emerson Granemann, director of the event,

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