NanoFalcon DigiCam Drone

nanofalconThe NanoFalcon DigiCam is a helicopter-style drone with counter-rotating blades built around a camera. That makes it smaller than your palm.

It comes with a full-size controller, powered by 4 AA batteries. To recharge the drone, you slide it into the controller, which is a nifty design. It takes about 35 minutes to charge.

Of course, given the drone’s size, it can only fly for about 4 minutes. Also, the camera isn’t exactly HD; it shoots video and still images at 640×480.

Still, when it comes out next month, the NanoFalcon DigiCam will only set you back $75. If you’re looking to get your feet wet in piloting helicopter drones, and you want to capture video, this could be for you.

Source: Kim Komando

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