SKT Optionally-Piloted Helicopters

SKTAlthough recently established, SKT Helicopters  is a company that has a history that dates back many years. The people who founded SKT have worked for years in the field of  helicopter engineering, design and manufacturing and have now come together to use their acquired expertise to form a company providing a ‘dowry’ of experience in the Helicopter industry.

The Company organization is headquartered in Stabio – Switzerland,  while the test flights of each helicopter take place a short distance away at AMBRÌ Airport near the Italian border and Lake Como Italy. Experienced test pilots with thousands of hours of flying, perform accurate tests on the helicopters, prior to delivery.

The  primary place of production is Stabio – Switzerland  where highly specialized technicians  assemble the helicopters with parts manufactured by companies and their divisions, which are all a part of the SKT Helicopter group. Everything except the engines are made by SKT then tested  and installed in a controlled system of assembly.

The M/W engine incorporates the latest in modern aviation technology and is produced based on the electronic management functions and specific performance needs of the SKT helicopter. The engine is developed by the manufacturer using the advice and experience of many SKT technicians.

The SKT Multicopter is equipped like a RPAS with autopilot, datalink transmission 180km. There is an option to have a pilot on board depending on local flight regulations.

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