Tsuneishi Shipbuilding to Enlist UAS

Tsuneishi_drones_-_mainTsuneishi Shipbuilding is to employ drones and communications systems from V-cube after a successful trial exploring drone use to enhance productivity and safety in its shipbuilding operations.

Over a period of four days from 18 May the companies sought to verify whether it was possible to inspect equipment and gather information using live video feedback from ‘multicopter’ drones. The 40 test flights also included a simulation of light loads and an emergency response test.

The 3kg drone tested, manufactured by Hong-Kong firm DJI, has an operational range of around two kilometres radius, can fly continuously for 15 minutes and reaches speeds of up to 70km/h. Live photos and video of high areas in the factory and atop cranes were transmitted from a camera fitted to the machine.

The drone’s capabilities tested included: confirming construction progress; inspecting and confirming the condition of the factory roof and equipment in high places, such as on the arms of cranes; gathering information in times of disaster, moving quickly to a designated location to check the situation; and transporting light load such as bolts from the storage area to the construction site.

Following the tests Tsuneishi Holdings Co said that it intends to utilise the service provided by V-cube combining visual communications and drones. “According to the information provided by the videos and photos, some effective means would be found to improve the efficiency in equipment maintenance checks and in the management of the construction process,” the company said. “We have high hopes that this latest technology will help us increase efficiency at our factories and facilities, and also allow us to gather information quickly in times of disaster.”

Source: The Motor Ship

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