Anti-Jam Antenna Trialled on HexCopter


Blue Bear Systems Research Ltd has successfully conducted trials to validate the performance of Chemring Technology Solutions‘ GPS anti-jamming module, GINCAN.

Increased use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), and the proliferation of readily available jamming devices is driving demand for greater resilience of aerial platforms. A GINCAN module was integrated with Blue Bear’s Hex-Copter the platform, and real time telemetry fed back to the Blue Bear versatile Ground Control Station (vGCS) for recording and subsequent analysis. The Hex-copter was under full remote control during the test phases which were designed to understand the performance of GINCAN on an aerial platform when subjected to GPS jamming.

Chemring Technology Solutions has miniaturised its military GPS anti-jam technology into GINCAN – a low-size weight and power GPS anti-jamming antenna that offers protection against jamming threats. ┬áIts small size and weight makes it perfect for integration within unmanned vehicles where weight is a key constraint. In the future, Blue Bear and Chemring Technology Solutions are looking to conduct further testing and evaluate new capability to meet the challenges of operating UAS in GPS denied areas.

Source: Press Release

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