Quadcopter Crash at Memorial Day Parade

No charges have been filed after two people were hit by a drone flying over a Memorial Day parade near Salem.

Witnesses tell police a man was flying the drone over the Marblehead Memorial Day parade Monday when it struck the side of a building. They say the drone then plummeted toward the spectators.

Scot Yount suffered minor cuts after the drone hit him on the back of his head. Another woman was also hit by the drone. They weren’t seriously hurt.

The drone’s owner told police he has flown it numerous times without issues, and was very apologetic.

Yount says there should be licenses required before people can fly drones over crowds.

Source: Boston Herald


  1. Even with a license, it should not be permissible to fly drones near habitant or crowded areas, it is time to regulate those objects even if they are very small.

  2. know it before you fly it………

    Funny the police did not do anything but hopefully the FAA will. At least send that dude a ” know it before you fly it ” brochure :-).

    That being said the news guys are as clueless they should have known the rules and point them out. NOT FLYING over people, specially a public event !!!!!!!

    I am not sure why but I believe it might be a good idea to come up with some fines for these guys. They only learn when hit with fines.

    Common sense guys!!!!!!

    Just my two cents.

  3. This kind of nonsense is the fulfillment of every draconian regulator’s predictions. The FAA regs clearly prohibit this, and common sense was surely missing. There is no way the pilot should have gotten off with a apology. Everyone who chooses to fly responsibly will pay for this clown’s stupidity when the final regs are released.

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