Delair-Tech to Provide Observation and Crisis Management for EU Earth Surveillance Programme

DelairDelair-Tech, based in Toulouse, France, has won a tender to provide UAVs to the EU Commission’s “COPERNICUS” Earth surveillance programme. During the agreement, which runs until 2019, Delair-Tech will provide its technology to the programme in order to offer reactive and reliable surveillance to monitor climatic, ecological, environmental or natural events, for the whole of Europe.

With Delair-Tech, the EU Commission will equip its COPERNICUS emergency management services with fleets of UAV, complete aircrafts and satellites. The programme, launched in 2008, aims at gathering, selecting and streamlining data that has been generated through environment observation in order to anticipate and manage natural events.

Delair-Tech UAVs combine flexibility, in image production, and speed, to acquire information from across Europe and deliver it to the COPERNICUS Emergency Management services in less than 48h. The technology complements the use of satellites when reactivity, the capacity to observe in cloudy weather and high resolution are needed. Delair-Tech technology has been developed in Toulouse.

DT18, a light and easy-to-use UAV with an endurance of 100km and/or 2 hours. DT18 is the first civilian mini-UAV that has been certified by a Civil Aviation Authority for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations. This capacity to fly without limits into the civilian airspace is necessary when it comes to mapping remote and inaccessible areas or very large surfaces.

DT-3Bands is a sensor designed by Delair-Tech and dedicated to high resolution imagery (4.3cm GSD at an altitude of 150m). The capacity of DT-3bands to send images in real-time is a key for crisis management and Emergency.

Source: Press Release

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