IAI and Sky Sapience Partner on Tethered Hovering Aerial Systems

hovermastIsrael Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Sky Sapience  have signed an agreement for the development, marketing and production of new tethered hovering aerial systems.

IAI and Sky Sapience plan to use and integrate existing capabilities and products from both companies on board the systems geared towards defense, homeland security, and commercial markets.

The advantages of tethered aerial systems include the ability to elevate in a matter of seconds and stay in the air for an unlimited period of time since the electric power supply remains on the ground. The platforms are tethered and are not subject to standard air control regulations as are other unmanned aerial systems. The logistical footprint is reduced dramatically – the output provided to customers is achieved in a simple, accessible and affordable way with rapid deployment and different payloads and sensors for various missions.

In 2014, Sky Sapience and Stark Aerospace, a subsidiary of IAI North America, signed a cooperation agreement for the U.S. market. Stark Aerospace integrated and introduced the HoverLiteTM tactical tethered hovering aerial ISR system.

”We see significant potential for advanced tethered systems for the Military, HLS  and commercial markets,” said Shaul Shahar, IAI Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Military Aircraft Group. “We plan to jointly market these innovative solutions and provide unique capabilities worldwide.”

Gabriel Shachor, founder and CEO of Sky Sapience said: “We’re excited about this agreement with IAI. Sky Sapience is a leader in tethered, hovering technology and sole producer of mobile, tethered, hovering machines. IAI with its advanced, proven experience is a global leader in the field of unmanned aerial systems and known for its exceptional marketing capabilities. By joining forces, the two companies bring the best technological solutions and marketing capabilities together, which I am certain will bring great success.”

Source: Press Release

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