Wallet Drone Fits in your Pocket

A new crowdfunding campaign has been launched for the Wallet Drone The tiny quadrocopter fits inside a controller box and that controller is the one that is the size of a wallet.

What is interesting about Wallet Drone, however, is not the drone itself but its controller. The controller that is the size of a fat wallet actually houses the drone when not in use. But it has one more trick too. It actually charges the drone when not in use.


Everything is powered by 4 AA batteries so, in theory, you can have non-stop flying fun as long as you have a supply of batteries with you. That said, the drone itself can only fly for a good 15 minutes before it needs to be recharged.


The Wallet Drone is still on Indiegogo but, judging by the amount it has raised, there is a ready market for a drone this small. The campaign was quite specific in needing $11,894 but it already raised more than $24,000 and with 41 days to spare. If all goes well, the drone will be flying out of your pockets by July.


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