UAV Vision Launches CM202 ISR Payload at Unmanned Systems 2015

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UAV Vision is launching its latest gimbal, the CM202, a new 7.5inch MWIR Direct Drive ISR Payload which offers 80µrad stability in an 8lb turret, with live demonstrations at AUVSI’s Unmanned Systems 2015 until the 7th of May.

The CM202, a Multi Sensor ISR Payload which has a diameter of 7.5inch (190mm) and weighs a mere 8lb (3.5kg).

With a track record of producing Low SWaP-C, reliably stable camera systems such as the CM100 and CM160 for the past 6 years; UAV Vision has been hard at work to ensure that the CM202 will provide enhanced quality imagery of 1280×720 and increased stability performance of 80µrad.

To take full advantage of this additional stability, the new system from UAV Vision incorporates highly sought after sensors such as MWIR with a continuous zoom lens and an array of Laser products including illuminators, range finders and pointers.

With an increasing demand for high quality stabilized camera payloads in the growing commercial industry; the CM202 will provide highly sought after functionality and performance in a size and weight class that has never been seen.

The new system is available with many different options for sensor configuration, delivering a truly re-configurable sensor payload bay for which any sensor can be integrated with minimal effort.

This modular design enables UAV Vision to customize a solution for those who require specific functionality from a stabilized ISR payload.

Similar to the CM100 and CM160, the CM202 will have ITAR Free options available, without sacrificing on performance or system ability.

The CM202 is currently being demonstrated live

Source: Press Release

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