UAV Vision Gimbals Integrate Yamaha RMAX

RmaxThe CM100 and CM160 from UAV Vision have been successfully integrated  on to a Yamaha RMAX during recent flights. With participation by Mike Johnson from Yamaha Motor Australia, an RMAX was taken to UAV Vision’s Research and Development Facility based in Port Macquarie, NSW.

The RMAX is proven as a reliable and stable perform which resulted in high quality ISR footage being captured.

Enhancing the capability of the RMAX with a Low SWaP ISR Payload such as the CM100 or CM160 enables the RMAX to participate in a growing number of UAV applications.

Due to the light weight nature of the CM100 and CM160, effects to the endurance of the RMAX were minimal which in turn allows more time over target to gather useful imagery.

Source: Press Release

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  1. If it was April 2010 then this would be an interesting move for Yamaha Australia. In 2015 this newsflash is just embarassing. Can’t wait for their next groundbreaking announcement.

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