Chimp Swats Quadcopter at Zoo

A chimp being filmed by a drone at a zoo in theNetherlands decided she wasn’t interested in having a close-up and swatted the drone out of the air with a tree branch.

The drone was filming part of a TV series about the chimps at the Royal Burgers’ Zoo, when the “intelligent primates immediately discovered the spying little plane and right away armed themselves with long sticks against this inquisitive electronic intruder,”

A 23-year-old female chimp named Pushi knocked the drone out of the air and onto the ground where a group of chimps pounced on the “prey,” according to Bas Lukkenaar, a spokesman for the Royal Burgers’ Zoo.

Lukkenaar told USA TODAY Network it was no surprise that Pushi was the “main perpetrator.”

“Like human beings some of the chimpanzees are really individuals with their own character,” Lukkenaar said. “Some are good at throwing and others only produce poor shots and Pushi is a very clever and capable chimpanzee.”

While the camera was soon dismantled, the zoo said the camera captured images until it was “completely destroyed.”

Source: USA Today

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