DroneBall Game


Zyro Games is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund final prototype rounds and game development for its drone ball.

Zyro works with an app to constrain the drone within a field size specified by the user. slideshow_6_Choose_your_gameUsers can swing or pass the drone depending on the game. Badminton, Frisbee, soccer and hockey games are currently available in the app for gamers to use, along with user specified games.

This system comes with a Zyro DroneBall and a Zyro Wand expected to ship in June 2015 for $449, and users can also order more remotes to expand the starter sets. Some of the remotes shown in the Kickstarter video are attached to badminton racquets and demonstrate the concepts of swinging or passing the DroneBall.

Zyro is very interested in bringing on game developers and creating new games and new ways to use the drone. Just like a red playground ball can be used for catch, kickball, dodgeball or soccer the team hopes that people will be able to think of new and exciting ways to use the DroneBall.

Zyro says that it is one of the first in the emerging industry of drone gaming.  This is an extension of Wii or Kinect technology but brings a fully physical experience to the user.

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