Star Wars Fan Created a Millennium Falcon Quadcopter

Olivier Caron, an RC hobbyist from Grenoble in France, and Star Wars fan, has adapted a Prophecy 335 of his own design, with a custom frame made of carbon and aluminium, to resemble the Millenium Falcon.He said that he ‘overpowered’ the quadcopter to make it ‘easily capable of 90 km/h (55mph) speed’. He added: ‘But with this extra hull it becomes a slow flying pig.

‘Top speed is probably around 30 km/h (19mph), if I try to go faster with more angle it’s making a cool backflip.’

He joked that it could make the ‘Kessel run’ in several thousand years, in reference to Han Solo’s boasting in Star Wars: A New Hope, when he said the Millennium Falcon could make the ‘Kessel run’ – a smuggling route – in ‘less than twelve parsecs’.

Millenium Falcon

Olivier said it cost him next to nothing to modify the drone into a new shape. It cost £7.50 ($11.50) for the two foam planks to make the drone, and £9 ($13.80) for the front and rear lights. He used acrylic paint for the body of the spacecraft, and glue to hold it all together.

Falcon drone

Of course, the quadcopter itself and the radio set him back about £750 ($1,150), though.

The battery usually lasts about eight minutes, but with the added weight of the Millenium Falcon shell it lasted only about five minutes.

Oliver has posted DIY instructions for both the drone and the Millennium Falcon skin online.

Source: YouTube


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