CybAero Begins Training for Chinese Partner AVIC

CybAero signed a framework agreement with a company belonging to the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) on July 2. The framework agreement entails a commitment by AVIC to purchase at least 70 of CybAero’s unmanned helicopter systems over the next eight years. The framework agreement is expected to be worth at least SEK 700-800 million.

Training of AVIC staff began on February 2. The training programme covers basic technical management of the system and a review of how the system can meet the needs of customers. A total of nine people from AVIC are attending the two-week training programme.

“The purpose of the training program is to give both technical and sales staff from AVIC basic knowledge and understanding of the system and its design,” says CybAero’s CEO Mikael Hult.

Source: Press Release

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