FAA Settles Pirker Case


The FAA has settled the fine in the Huerta v. Pirker court case for an estimated $1,100 penalty to Raphael Pirker, who was originally fined $10,000 by the FAA for using a RiteWing Zephyr II aircraft to film promotional videos for the University of Virginia Medical Center. The case affirmed the FAA’s complete jurisdiction over civil UAS use, although the agency still refuses to commit to a firm timeline in releasing a draft of regulations regarding small UAS integration into airspace.

Source: Avionics Today

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  1. If the FAA would just bloody copy & paste Canada’s regs in place right now, TODAY then everyone could move on with clear, understandable direction!!!

    Friggen SOMEONE get those idiots to do their job this decade! Apparently we’re stupider than Canada. Awesome.

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