DJI Fixes Bug that Caused Inspire 1 Crashes

DJI InspireDJI has issued a firmware update to owners of the brand new Inspire 1, a drone that caught the industry’s attention last year for its filming abilities and futuristic form.

Some of the drones’ first users experienced fly aways and crashes, turning what might be an innocuous bug in any other product into a serious hazard.

“It is a required update,” DJI director of aerial imaging Eric Cheng said. “When Inspire 1 owners connect their smart devices and power up, they will be informed, and given 3 days to perform the update before they are grounded.” Figuratively and literally.

Source: Gigaom


  1. Great news and quick acting by DJI. Still it wouldn’t have been great for any new owner when their Inspire 1 crashed. Hopefully it will be covered under the warranty and get a new replacement with the updated firmware. The Inspire 1 is a beautiful drone.

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