Netherlands Army ScanEagles Get Sensor Upgrade

ScanEagle2d3 Ltd has won a contract from the Netherlands MOD yesterday to upgrade the ScanEagle UAS motion imagery exploitation capability.

The contract is for the delivery of two identical exploitation suites for use with the Insitu ScanEagle systems in service with the Dutch Army.

The project consists of delivering updated FMV (full motion video) PED (processing, exploitation, and dissemination) software and integrating it with the existing capability delivered by the ScanEagle manufacturer, Insitu.

Each integrated suite will run 2d3 Sensing’s Catalina and TacitView software, allowing analysts to create a metadata-based catalogue of the imagery archive and to rapidly exploit live feeds of video data that enable enhanced and faster support to decision makers.

The Catalina motion imagery catalogue and archive capability will improve the quantity of data the unit can retain and significantly reduce the time to retrieve data from archive for further analysis.

The modular TacitView motion imagery exploitation solution has been tailored to the specific workflow needs of each analyst in the ground segment, ensuring efficiency in their intelligence production task, but also reducing overall system costs and complexity.

This procurement is to support an urgent operational requirement to enhance a capability deployed by The Netherlands MOD to support UN operations in Mali.

Source: Defense World


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