French Professional Civil Drone Federation Announces New Board


At its General Assembly, which took place in Paris, France on 14 January 2015, the members of French Fédération Professionnelle du Drone Civil (FPDC), a partner organization of UVS International and member of the International RPAS Coordination Council, voted in a new Board of Directors, which consists of the following persons (their respective affiliations are indicated between brackets):

 Executive Committee

President:                                   Stéphane Morelli (Azur Drones)

Vice-President:                           Francis Duruflé (Infotron)

General Secretary:                      Isabelle Vanneste Hello

Treasurer:                                   François Baffou (Technowest)

Chargé de mission:                     Alexandre Petit


National Delegates & Their Specific Responsibilities

Industrial Operators:                    Emmanuel de Maistre (Redbird)

Competence Centres:                  Claude Tribout (Pole ASTech)

Flight Security:                           Vincent Fournier (AirMarine)

Audio-visual Operators:               Moïse Rogez (Pixiel)

Micro Companies:                       Sylvain Corbin (Manche Drones Production)

Regulation & Internat. Matters:     Guilhem Argueyrolles (Bird & Bird)

Manufacturer Coordination:         Jean-Eric Chevillot (Je Caero)

Operator & Pilot Training:            Claude Delanoy


Regional Delegates

Paris Region:                              Rodolphe Jobard (Dronea)

Central East:                               Philippe Gourdain (StudioFly)

North East:                                 Erwan Savio (CFAD)

South West:                               Christophe Mazel (Fly-n-Sense)

Central West:                              Anne-Marie Haute (Pilgrim Technology)

South East:                                Grégoire Thomas (Flyingeye)


The structure of and the number of appointees to the new Board of Directors reflects that the FPDC is giving itself the means of its ambition to act as a national federating force, continue its vigorous growth (currently membership stands at 303 companies, most of which are operators) and to address all matters that are of direct importance to the federation’s members, on a national and regional level. At the General Assembly it was clearly stated that the federation will be actively contributing in a coordinated manner to the European-level activities deployable by UVS International, and will be liaising more closely with the other national associations in Europe (within the context of the International RPAS Coordination Council).

The General Assembly was concluded by speeches by Maxim Coffin (DGAC – the national aviation authority), Christophe Masset (Gendarmerie des Transports Aériens – the government entity responsible for policing illegal operations), Bruno Delors (president of the French federation of model aircraft), and Peter van Blyenburgh (UVS International), which all applauded the work accomplished by the FPDC.

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