Israeli Police Lease Tactical Aerostats

Skystar 180

Israeli firm RT LTA has announced that it has been awarded a two year lease contract to provide Skystar 180 aerostats by the hour with crew to assist Israeli police.

The Skystar 180 system is a small, portable aerostat, especially suited for tactical intel assignments and security operations, both military and civilian. Carrying a payload of up to 20 kilos, it provides persistent surveillance of various events, from an altitude of 300 meters. Equipped with a powerful day and night camera, this unmanned system requires only two operators, and can stay in the air continuously for 72 hours even in any weather condition.

RT LTA’s systems were used extensively by the Israeli military in “Operation Protective Edge” and “Operation Brothers’ Keeper”. Three additional systems were recently leased by the Jerusalem municipality to monitor and control violent outbursts in the city. The Skystar 180 is used for intelligence operations in 10 countries in 5 continents.

Source: Press Release

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