China’s ZH-05 Assault Rifle Can Down UAS


China’s new ZH-05 integrated assault rifle, designed for PLA special forces, can be used against unmanned aerial vehicles when equipped with a canister grenade.

Originally, the ZH-05 was designed for China’s marines during their anti-piracy missions off the coast of Somalia. It was later introduced to the elite units and special forces of the PLA. China’s goal is to eventually give each marksman in a PLA infantry fire team a ZH-05 rifle. Also known as smart rifle, the ZH-05 is popular among the Chinese soldiers and marines because it comes with a programmable, multipurpose 20 mm grenade launcher.

The computerized targeting system allows the ZH-05 rifle to have same capability as the cancelled American XM-29 and South Korean K-11 smart grenade launchers. However, the ZH-05 is only five kilograms compared to the K-11, making it easier to carry on the battlefield. When equipped with the grenade launcher, the smart rifle has a range of 700 meters.


Designed with smaller electronics, the ZH-05 has more payload space than the XM-29 and K-11 as well. The 20 mm grenade launcher can also carry an anti-personnel airburst grenade, a canister grenade or an anti-material impact grenade. The shotgun-style canister grenade can be used by Chinese troops to shoot down small enemy quadcopters and UAVs, according to the article. It has earned the nickname “Long Range Shotgun” from Chinese forces.

Source: Want China Times

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