FAA Grants First UAS Exemption for Precision Agriculture


Advanced Aviation Solutions (ADAVSO), LLC has announced its selection as the first company in the United States approved by the FAA to legally operate commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems for precision agriculture. 

With the granting of the Part 333 exemption, the company’s intention is to rapidly deploy this technology with its partners Blair Farms and Empire Airlines in order to provide precision agriculture data gathering for various clients throughout the Northwest.

ADAVSO was founded upon the principles of responsible commercial employment of UAS technologies within the National Airspace Structure while preserving individual privacy. The company is dedicated to the advancement of UAS technologies to enhance the safety, health and welfare of all citizens. Its core values revolve around the FAA’s “One Level Of Safety” policy and believes that the Unmanned Aircraft Community should be an integral component of that policy and that this commitment to safe integration should not only be a National objective but a global one as well.

Source: Press Release

[For more information about Section 33 and the exemptions currently granted by the FAA, click here. – Ed.]

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