QuadCopter Shoots Infrared Beams


The Byrobot Drone Fighter is a quadrotor that can shoot infrared beams at other Drone Fighters in an invisible war.

You won’t be able to see the battles, but you’ll be able to feel them if you’re on the wrong side. The quadrotors are controlled by a standard remote control (instead of an app) that vibrates when your quadrotor gets hit by an infrared beam from another Drone Fighter. The controller also displays your hit points as LED lights—once your Drone Fighter has been hit six times, the drone lands automatically. And, because infrared beams aren’t known for their ability to wreak physical damage, the Drone Fighter can be sent back out for a new battle immediately.

Like with all things being called drones today, you’re probably wondering how this is different from a remote controlled helicopter, besides the bigger number of rotors. Well, the boundaries between drone and remote controlled fighter haven’t been clearly defined—it’d probably be more accurate to say that the drones going on sale now are just enhanced remote controlled helicopters. The enhancements in this case are greater range—thanks to ZigBee wireless connectivity between remote and quadrotor, max range is 328 feet and suggested range is 164 feet. However, drones, as they’ve come to be understood in the military sense, are sophisticated enough to have some level of autonomy.

In the Drone Fighter’s case, there’s the ability to land automatically and safely, but otherwise, it seems like you’ll be relied on for control. Long story short, if you’re familiar with remote controlled helicopters, you’ll still be in familiar territory here.

Source: Chipchick

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