Kangaroo 1 – Drone 0

This video from Australia shows all too well the problem pesky unmanned aerial vehicles pose to kangaroos just looking for some peace and quiet in the outback.

The footage shows a drone hovering over about six wild kangaroos, with one kangaroo and its baby taking particular interest. It was shot in the Hunter Valley, a wine region in New South Wales a few miles outside of Sydney.

As the drone begins to drop its height to get a closer look, the kangaroo bounds forward, flinging its paws into the air and hitting the drone on the side.

The flying vehicle spins and comes crashing to the ground, the last footage showing a pair of kangaroo legs bouncing off into the distance, a job well done and a victory in the modern war to preserve some sense of privacy.

Source: YouTube


  1. and this why we can not fly in US National parks as well as other places. it still puzzels me that this ends up here in the media. the pilot should be find for harming the animal’s.

  2. The roo’s that populate my back yard take little notice of the multi rotors, and come over to investigate fixed wings when they land.
    She was most likely just protecting her joey, who looks to be fresh out of the pouch.

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