Fully Autonomous and Smart Flying Robotic Waiters

Singapore-based company, Infinium Robotics, is applying advanced drone technology as a way to further automate the job of waiter. Promoted as a technology that can reduce manpower costs and maximize the use of dining room space, Infinium-Serve uses individual drones to deliver food from kitchen to dining room patrons.

Pre-programmed routes and a proprietary collision avoidance technology prevent the drones from running into customers, employees, or other drones. Infinium has partnered with a Singapore restaurant chain to roll out working versions of the system later in 2015.

In addition to the operational benefits the Infinium system can deliver, the “wow” factor the drone waiters will lend to those operations that first adopt it is expected to represent a significant competitive advantage.

Infinium-Serve – The only fully autonomous and smart flying robotic servers in restaurants and F&B outlets.

Advantages: Fast delivery speed • Saves space, maximise sales per square foot – Uses the space between ceiling and above human height to deliver food & drinks to the customers • Adapts to restaurant’s unique layout • Simple to deploy; Plug and Play system • Fully autonomous • Safe, reliable and efficient • Sense and avoid obstacles • No worker strikes, and no increment of salary needed, ever.

Founded by a team of passionate roboticists, Infinium Robotics believes that robotic technologies will play a bigger role in the world economy in future. Infinium Robotics believes in creating robots smart enough to work alongside humans intelligently and safely or working entirely by themselves autonomously. Infinium is dedicated to improving the lives of businesses, allowing them to enhance productivity, generating higher revenue and improving their bottom line.

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