Dutch DJI Phantom Videographer Faces €8,000 Fine

A drone artist who decided to film the Utrecht Dom tower on Tuesday could receive a fine of 8,000 Euro. According to new Dutch laws, it is illegal to fly a drone and capture video footage without special permission.According to the regulations, businesses are permitted to capture footage for commercial purposes after acquiring a permit from the town hall.

For those who capture footage for non-commercial intent, the rules are a little stricter. In their case, drones may only be flown during the day and the drone needs to be in the controller’s sight at all times. Additionally, drones may not ascend above building structures or be flown over motorways.

The spokesman of the Aviation Police commented, “There is a lot of speculation going on right now considering we haven’t even contacted the maker of the video yet. He could risk a fine of maximum 8,000 Euro however such a fine has never been dealt out to date.”

Source: Utrecht Central

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  1. Awesome footage, the guy hurt no one . People really need to get over themselves the negative press is getting old . I fly and am very careful and respectful. I have even asked permission to film . Anyway time for people and press to find something else to talk about.

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