UAV Factory Delivers Turnkey Fuel Injected Engines

UAV 28 -EFI EngineUAV Factory has started deliveries of its own turnkey Fuel Injected Engines. UAV28-EFI is a turnkey fuel injected engine system developed for small unmanned aircraft vehicles with up to 55 lbs takeoff weight. The engine is supplied with the UAV Factory’s proven 100W onboard generator system, proprietary silent muffler, automatic temperature control duct, UAV Factory’s proprietary ECU and fuel pump assembly.

The UAV28-EFI system is a fully integrated and cost-efficient engine system targeted to replace carbureted engines and significantly enhance unmanned aircraft reliability, endurance, performance and to expand operational conditions. The engine does not contain ITAR or EAR components and does not require an export license.

EFI engine retrofit programme for Penguin B users

Every existing Penguin B user can take a full advantage of the state of the art fuel injected engine. A special retrofit programme will enable existing customers to upgrade purchased aircrafts with EFI engine

Source: Press Release


  1. I have a project in my aeronautical class on constructing our own drones and I just need the price of this engine so that I can see if its in my price range.

    1. Samantha,

      You are posting on a blog.

      If you want to contact the manufacturer I suggest that you click on the link in the post which will take you to their website

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