New Russian UAS for Background Radiation Monitoring

Unmanned RussiaUAV systems, LLC. has developed background radiation monitoring system for Russian meteorology and ecological monitoring corporation Rosgidromet. The base of the system is serially produced scintillational wide-range intellectual x-ray and gamma emission detection module and UAV Supercam S-350 by UAV systems, LLC. Both devices were modified during development.

The new UAV is able to perform the following tasks of radiation monitoring:

  • investigate nuclear and radiation accidents areas on emergency, detect radioactive contamination sources and radioactive plume movement;
  • verify nuclear energy facilities to meet standards, leak detection;
  • monitor ground and air radioactive ecological pollution;
  • scientific research;
  • serve as an instrument for primary anticipation of radiation conditions when working with mobile radiation monitoring labs;
  • perform other tasks requiring urgent detection of x-ray and gamma emission sources.

The UAV with a Supercam dosimeter allows to monitor territory by following programmed route automatically or by remote control and transmit data via digital radio channel. The data is then used to build a map of background radiation, showing real-time situation at the object investigated. UAV is able to perform investigation within 56 miles (90 km) radius.

The advantages of Supercam UAS in solving radiation monitoring tasks include cost effectiveness, short system setup time and ability to perform measurements in situations which are dangerous for human life.

unnamedRosgidromet representative commented on UAV systems, LLC. work: “Thanks to the new system we now can more quickly and effectively solve tasks, which affect directly on public safety. Its importance is difficult to overestimate. I’m glad we were able to develop such an outstanding modern instrument for radiation background monitoring. The project declared successful, implementation started.”

Main characteristics:

  • Detector – scintillational plastic with heavy metal additives, ø1.18 x 0.59” (ø30х15 mm);
  • Measurement range of ambient equivalent x-ray and gamma emission dose rate – 0,05 µSv/hr – 10 µSv/hr;
  • Measurement range of ambient equivalent x-ray and gamma emission dose – 0,05 µSv – 10 µSv;
  • Energy range – 15 keV – 3 MeV;
  • Mesurement error – less then ±20%;
  • Energy dependence of sensivity within 15 to 60 keV range – ±35%;
  • Energy dependence of sensivity within 60 keV to 3 MeV range – ±20%;
  • Sensivity 137Cs – 70 imp•s-1/ µSv •hr-1;
  • Working temperature -22/+122 °F (-30/+50 oC);
  • Dimensions – ø2.36x 7.87” (ø60х200 mm);
  • Weight – 0,99 lb (0,45kg).

UAV Supercam S-350 characteristics:

  • Flight duration – 4 h;
  • Velocity range – 40 ÷ 75 mph (65 ÷ 120 km/h);
  • Radio channel distance – 43.5 mi (70 km);
  • Maximum flying distance – more than 224 mi (360 km);
  • UAV weight – 9,92 lb (4,5 kg);
  • Wingspan – 10,5’ (3,2 m);
  • Operational height – 164 ÷ 1 640’ (50 ÷ 500 m);
  • Flight ceiling – more than 11 811’ (3600 m);
  • Setup time – 10 min;
  • Operating conditions:
    • wind speed up to 15 m/s,
    • temperature range -22°F to 86°F (-30°С to +30°С),
    • moderate rain or snow;
  • Launch – with elastic catapult;
  • Landing – with parachute in automatic or semiautomatic mode;
  • Takeoff and landing area – 328 x 328’ (100 х 100 m);
  • Flight mode – automatic or semiautomatic.

UAV Systems LLC. develops, manufactures and performs maintenance of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), offers aerial mapping and monitoring services. Works with major companies like TNK-BP, Rosneft, Gazprom, Lukoil, Rosatom, Rimera. 

Source: Press Release

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