One Unmanned Aircraft – Multiple Applications – “Mother Hen and Friendly Chicks”

EqqUnderstanding the present demand for a range of applications and diversities, Eqquera Inc., innovated and is researching and developing Unmanned Aircraft System capable of carrying various payloads and engaging in multiple missions from protecting the environment to combat missions. The project is called  “Mother Hen and Friendly Chicks”.

The Main Unmanned Vehicle “SG-EQQ” (Mother Hen) is equipped with a system that the Sub Vehicle “SG-EQQ 240” (Chicks) would be ejected. The sub vehicles would operate autonomously while communicating with the Main Vehicle and base station via satellite communication technology.


The SG-EQQ 240 Sub Vehicles would be designed to carry out various missions without major modifications to the outer shell, except the interior of the vehicle designed for specific mission. The SG-EQQ Main Vehicle will be designed to run with turbines.

The SG-EQQ 240 Sub Vehicle will be designed to operate with propellers and hoover technology that can hover, takeoff and land vertically.

The EQQ Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Project “Mother Hen and Friendly Chicks” is directly focused on developing unmanned aerial vehicles to be used in complex and remote areas of the Arctic region to collect data to close the existing gap of knowledge to protect the Arctic environment, and wildfires occurring in other regions.

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