Airborne Innovations Launches Subminiature High Definition Video Link for UAS

Airborne Innovations has announced the latest addition to its product portfolio, the MicroraptorHD.

MicroraptorHD is a subminiature multiple camera 1080p high definition video link and bidirectional command and control datalink for micro unmanned vehicles.

With configurations as light as 52 grams, MicroraptorHD is an enabling technology for high definition video transmission from the smallest unmanned vehicles, including UAVs under 500 grams. Larger vehicles can benefit from the minimal size, weight, and power requirements. With long range 1W power output, the system has excellent performance. It is capable of transmitting 1080p / 720p / standard definition video, and can be used as a bidirectional command and control datalink. At 107x45x20mm (4.21×1.77×0.78″) it can fit in very small vehicles.

The system supports a variety of camera solutions for airborne and ground vehicles, including Sony block HD cameras, micro 1080p HD camera modules as small as 10x10mm, and infrared cameras.

Source: Press Release

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