Curtiss P-40 Speed Record of 661 MPH in a Power Dive (1941)

In 1941, test pilot Bob Fausel broke the world speed record in a power dive in a Curtiss P-40, reaching 661 mph.

The P-40 was a very robust aircraft; a lot of aircraft of the time would have never withstood those kinds of speeds without structural issues or a loss of control.

Observers regret that the engines could follow. The P-40 was largely a P-36 with an inline Allison engine replacing a bulky radial engine. All talk about the Allison, always redirects to the lack of a decent supercharger for high altitude

The Me-209 and He-100 had it beat by a long ways in level flight. But the high diving speeds did pay dividends in combat though, especially with the Flying Tigers.

Source: YouTube

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