Iranian Mohajer-2 UAS Appears in Venezuela

Under the name of Sant Arpia, the Mohajer 2, an Iranian UAS, is currently flying in Venezuela.

Reportedly operating from the Cavim (CA Venezolana de Industria Militares) Maracay factory, where a new UAS facility has been unveiled by recent satellite imagery, the Mohajer 2 is a light unarmed unmanned aircraft that can be used for surveillance missions within a range of 50 km from the departure airfield at a speed of 200 km/h. Its ceiling is 11,000 feet of altitude and endurance is reported to be around 90 minutes.

Being equipped with skids, the Mohajer 2 is recovered using a recovery chute.

Although the dozen are believed to have been slightly modified by Caracas, the Mohajer 2 is an Iranian UAS model and, as such, it could not be purchased by Chavez, because of the embargo on the ayatollah regime.

Moreover, as highlighted by the special correspondent in Washington for the Spanish, Emili J. Blasco, the technology transfer agreement worth 28 million USD would seem to exceed the price of a dozen unmanned aircraft (three of those crashed) that were purchased by Venezuela.

Indeed, along with a UAS factory that has not come into operation, some more facilities have been built at Cavim. What Iranian personnel are doing inside the other facilities remains a mystery.

The fabove image, published on several forums around the world (attribution hence impossible to determine), shows a Venezuelan Sant Arpia: noteworthy the tail section bears the registration Arpia-002 while front section is marked “Arpia-003″. Does this mean the aircraft is made up of parts from different examples ?

Along with the Sant Arpia, the Fuerza Aérea Venezolana (FAV) operates the ANT-1X, a smaller UAS used for ISR (Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance) purposes.

Both aircraft equip the Grupo Aéreo de Inteligencia, Vigilancia y Reconocimiento Electrónico Nº 8, based at El Libertador, Maracay-Palo Negro airbase.

Source: The Aviationist

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