Lockheed Martin Demonstrates ISR & Battlefield Communication Technologies at Empire Challenge 11 Exercises

Lockheed Martin is demonstrating its full range of ISR and battlefield communication technologies at the Empire Challenge 11 exercises at Fort Huachuca, Arizona.

It will feature Lockheed’s Combat Edge, Vehicle Optics Sensor System II, MONAX, Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod, Desert Hawk III Unmanned Aircraft System, TacWarrior and Stratus Rising tactical gateway. The systems will help determine the effects of integrated intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and command-and-control elements in improving support to warfighters and enhancing information exchange.

The EC 11 exercise, which ends June 3, is simulating battlefield conditions in Afghanistan. Data from the exercise will be shared with modeling and simulation laboratories across the United States and at coalition sites in Britain, Canada and Australia.

“We are integrating our wide range of ISR capabilities into a common, shared set of capabilities known as the ‘Combat Edge’ system,” said Scott Kreisler, Lockheed Martin’s campaign manager for the exercise. “Our products will provide actionable command, control and intelligence at all levels of warfare from the tactical edge to national intelligence centers.”

The new ISR capability, Stratus Rising tactical gateway, generates intelligence products that are readily available to warfighters and intelligence analysts, with data discovery enabled via the Distributed Common Ground System Integration Backbone.

In real time, Stratus Rising will process, prioritize, publish and disseminate live full-motion tactical imagery video from a VOSS II or Sniper ATP and will transmit information from wireless communications via the Distributed Common Ground System to TacWarrior.

Source: Press Release

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