L-3 Mission Integration Expands ISR Demo at Empire Challenge 2011

L-3 Mission Integration announced that it is demonstrating an advanced suite of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) systems providing fully integrated, collaborative airborne networked multi-intelligence capability at the U.S. Joint Forces Command’s Empire Challenge 2011, which runs through June 3 at Fort Huachuca, Arizona.

Empire Challenge is an annual joint and multinational live ISR interoperability demonstration sponsored by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense, Intelligence.

The demonstration integrates L-3’s Motion Industry Standards Board-compliant Tactical Video Exploitation Suite (TVES), Rio signals intelligence software, full-motion video, robust data links and sensor automation on multiple airborne and ground platforms to provide actionable intelligence for the warfighter. The L-3 solution integrates cross-cued, automated and remotely operated sensors, distributing live intelligence data and imagery to users worldwide across multiple networks.

“We are using entire multi-INT packages under realistic wartime conditions,” said Ken Stroud, L-3 Mission Integration project lead. “We plan to increase sensor automation, operator situational awareness and usability for both tactical end-users and intelligence personnel, whether local or halfway around the world.”

L-3 Mission Integration’s TVES provides synchronized full-motion video sensor control. The suite features a real-time map overlay to display aircraft location and precise sensor coverage, eliminating zooming in and out to maintain situational awareness. It also includes sensor cueing, both co-resident and via data link, to automate the capture and annotation of interest areas. Real-time video data exploitation and multiple sensor integration are included in the TVES.

“Our TVES is flexible, powerful and user-friendly,” said Jim Gibson, L-3 Mission Integration vice president of engineering. “The interface is familiar to operators, and it helps turn raw images and video into true intelligence. When sensor data from the lightweight signals intelligence equipment running the Rio software is integrated with the TVES, we achieve a very effective, integrated multi-sensor systems solution.”

Rio is a modular, open standards signals intelligence software suite for intercepting, direction finding, geo-locating, monitoring and recording communications signals.

Source : L-3 Communications Holdings Inc.

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