Lockheed RQ-170 Sentinel – New Photos


Lockheed RQ-170 Sentinel

New pictures have emerged of the Lockheed RQ-170 Sentinel stealth UA, which has been flying in Afghanistan since 2009.

There is much speculation that aside from the obvious reconnaissance functions, the Sentinel could be used to carry “a high-powered microwave source” to fry computers and electronic equipment on the ground, or an electronic jamming platform to support other aircraft.

The US Air Force is known to be interested in microwave weaponry. Last month it gave BAE Systems $150,000 to fry computers with microwaves, to see how much damage they could resist. And in November, Lockheed was given $230,000 to develop a “high-power microwave energy weapon” concept.

Photo from the Secret Projects Forum

One comment

  1. Any notion this tiny UAV would generate the mega watts required to even power a microwave weapon is pure propaganda fresh out of AIPAC, Apartheid Israeli Zionist infested Hasbara PsyOPs Dept’s.

    Even the size of the microwave antenna needed for a microwave weapon wouldn’t be feasible for the tiny airframe simply perpetuating the pure propaganda and PsyOP.

    The tiny electrical generator the RQ-170 could be fitted with would probably be minimal for any practical military jamming of a ground radar or base station generating many KW or even a Megawatt in signal output. As such much of this entire stated purpose and article itself seems entirely unusable and utterly a fictional propaganda piece of dubious purposes.

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